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Guide to Making Modern Cat Scratcher

Owning cats does not mean that the home has to look like a war-torn area. You can have cats and lead your life peacefully as well. Your cat just needs a designated place to sharpen the claws and play. You can opt for a modern cat scratcher from the local store or make one on your own as well.

DIY cat scratcher

You need to first determine how long, high, and wide the cat scratcher should be. Cut some wood pieces with the right measurements. Use one part of the wood for a slanted piece, and the other as the piece that supports the long piece. Prop them against each other and determine the angle that you wish to create. Utilize a miter saw to cut them accordingly. Once they fit together nicely, you can use sandpaper to even out jagged spots. You can then paint the wood pieces.

Once they become dry, you can start making the scratching area. You need to staple the rope end to the long wooden piece wherever you wish the scratching post to begin. Wind it firmly around a couple of times and secure it with staples.

Add glue down the scratcher’s front portion for additional security. As you keep winding, you need to staple some rows on the scratcher’s back portion to secure the rope. Once you are done, you can secure the rope’s end in place with numerous staples. As you are winding, you may run into gaps or looser spots. You just need to scrunch them up by pushing the side parts up. This allows you to close the openings and get a clean look.

Secure the pieces using a nail gun and glue. You can utilize strong glue and not use nails if you possess something to utilize to clamp the pieces together. You can then fill the holes using putty and paint on them for a neat finish. You can also paint on them to conceal them. That’s it. You have a modern cat scratcher now that will make the cat happy!


Is your pet cat scratching your carpet and furniture? You can easily train him/her to avoid scratching your things and start using a modern cat scratcher instead!

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