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Affiliate Program

About us

Tinklylife is a pet lifestyle brand founded in New York. We’re passionate about making pet products that are as beautiful as they are functional, because we believe that your best friend deserves the best.

What is Affiliate Program?

“Affiliate program” or “associate program” is basically a name of a strong relationship between you & us in which we would love to honor you by some perks. All you have to do that just share our product with your audience & we will honor you with 15% commission on the total order placed by your unique discount code.

How it works?

Apply to get the TinklyLife referral code by fill out the application form below& become an official Tinklylife affiliate partner.  

Share the referral code or link with your friends and followers.

Your friends and followers will get a Tinkly discount for purchasing through yourreferral code or link. 

You will get rewarded with 15% commission on each actual sale made by yourreferral code or link.

Can I be a part of it? 

Tinklylife is always love to have a collaboration program. Though you are new or you have a limited number of followers but you already own and love our products & you are interested in joining our team of ambassadors and earning cash while promoting products you genuinely love then you are most welcome to become a brand representative of us.

We are looking for -

  • A current TinklyLife customer who already owned TinklyLife product because we don’t want any fake promotions for us. We really want you to truly love our brand & products, and have full confidence that others will love it too.
  • An active, public account for your pet in any social media platforms (FB/IG/YouTube) with at least 350 followers and 3+ posts per week.
  • High engagement with our Tinklylife social media accounts.
  • Good photography & video making skill.
  • Knowledge about making catchy content.
  • Candidates from United States & Europe are preferable. 

    ***** This program does not supply free product to the ambassador. If you are looking for a collaboration program where you will supplied with our product in exchange for promotion, or want to be a pet model then please email us at with your media kit & we will be in touch with you shortly if we find there is a fit. 

    Why become an Ambassador? 

    • 15% commission on all orders placed through your personal referral link or code.
    • 10% off on all of your own Tinklylife purchase.
    • Referral code and link for all of your followers & fans to enjoy amazing discount.
    • An opportunity to be featured on our website and social media platforms.
    • An opportunity to become an official campaign partner of TinklyLife by continues support to enjoy different perks like participating in giveaways, support to grow ambassador’s social media platforms & many more.

    What are you looking for?

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