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Dog Leash

When you take your furry buddy for a walk, you want it to look super cool while also being comfortable. At Tinkylife, we have leashes and collars that will make your dog the centre of attention. All pet parents want their pets to look stylish, and our vibrant rainbow dog collar and leashes are just the way to do it.

You can buy dog leashes online at Tinkylife and make your pooch happy and comfortable. The rainbow dog collar looks elegant and is also a great way to accessorize your pet. You can buy the Rainbow Walk Kit that includes a rainbow dog collar leash set or a rainbow dog harness leash set.  Your dog can wear these amazing collars all day and not just for walks. It is very comfortable and makes your dog look stylish and cute. If you don’t want a single color leash, you can also buy dog leashes online at Tinkylife in rainbow colors.

The rainbow dog collar can also be paired with a Rainbow Woven Double Ended Leash. This leash has a convenient design with a D-ring near the handle to attach a dog poop bag or any other accessories. Its high-density webbing adds to its durability. You can buy dog leashes online at Tinkylife for enhancing the style of your pet and to get a comfortable and safe walk experience. The leashes are made of high tenacity spun-dyed nylon (polyamide) webbing and are available in various lengths.

If you’re in the process of training your pup or have a dog that loves to frolic when outdoors, the Rainbow 6 in 1 Dog Leash is just the perfect leash for your dog. The rope doesn’t knot, and it can be easily retracted when you see your dog about to approach another pet or about to dash off after it.  This leash is made of handwoven cotton traction rope that is soft, strong, and durable. Its length is enough to train your dog while giving it enough freedom to move around. 

You’ll be able to enjoy a stroll with your buddy with this leash that can be tied around the waist, leaving your hands free. It also allows you to walk two dogs and form a handle with a simple knot in the centre. A dog collar leash set from Tinkylife will keep your dog or cat safe and comfortable while making them the talk of the pet town!

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modern dog leashRainbow 6 in 1 Dog Leash
  • Seven Magic
  • Rainbow
  • Iceberg
  • Gradient Blue
  • Gradient Yellow
  • Gradient Purple
  • Gradient Pink
Rainbow 6 in 1 Dog Leash
$55.99 USD
dog harness leash and collar setRainbow Harness Walk Kit
  • Ramune&Orange
  • Ramune&Sky Blue
  • Summer Day&Sky Blue
  • Summer Day&Sakura Pink
  • Taro Boba&Sakura Pink
  • Taro Boba&Taro Purple
  • Central Park&Cypress Green
  • Central Park&Light Yellow
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Taro Purple
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Orange
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Sakura Pink
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Sky Blue
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Cypress Green
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Light Yellow
Rainbow Harness Walk Kit
Regular price $90.00 USD $75.00 USD
dog collar leash setRainbow Collar Walk Kit
  • Seven Magic
  • Iceberg
  • Rainbow
Rainbow Collar Walk Kit
Regular price $100.00 USD $85.00 USD
modern dog leashRainbow Woven Double Ended Dog Leash
  • Taro Purple
  • Cypress Green
  • Light Yellow
  • Orange
  • Sakura Pink
  • Sky Blue

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