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Top 5 Factors You Must Know About Cat House & Scratcher

Your furry pet has been ignoring the cat house & scratcher that you just bought. It’s probably because you forgot to keep in mind some pointers that may have made your cat fall in love with the cat house & scratcher

  1. Why do you need it

Buying a cat house serves many purposes. You will always know where to find your elusive pet and there will be less fur to clean from your furniture. The scratching post on the other hand keeps your pet away from mischief and is a good way for it to stretch its body and burn all those calories from tuna!

  1. Height

Cats want their scratching post to be tall enough to allow them to fully extend their body while scratching. It helps them to stretch their back and shoulder muscles to maintain flexibility. Most cats do not like to crouch down to scratch, as it doesn’t give them the full benefit of stretching. 31 inches is an ideal height for a scratching post.

  1. Material

The scratching post must be of a material that shreds under their claws and if the post makes a sound while they are scratching it, cats seem to find it satisfying. Sisal and corrugated cardboard are some good options for scratching post material. The material of the cat house & scratcher should be durable enough so that it isn’t spoiled easily with persistent clawing and scratching.

  1. Buy a combo

You can buy a treehouse and scratching post combo that takes up less space and offers both resting and playing options to your cat. Cats like to sit atop platforms to survey their surroundings and to plan their next move!

  1. TreeHouse

Consider buying a treehouse that comes with dangling toys that keep your cat entertained and busy. Most treehouses also come with a scratching post.

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