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Dog Collar

Who does not like to watch their pet dogs prancing in the park or enjoying the view on a play date with other dogs? Who does not like taking their dogs on a walk? These activities are what make your day. Now the real question is how you can keep your dog safe outside? The first thing that pops into your mind is a dog collar leash set.

It is hard to restrain the curiosity of the dogs, especially the bigger brands. Sometimes they don’t want to return from their playgrounds, and you have to drag them. This is where a sturdy dog collar leash set can be a lifesaver. Tinklylife presents the best-in-class dog collars and leashes for the dog parents. Our prime aim is to provide a perfectly safe medium to communicate with your dog when you both are outside.

Our leashes and dog collars; are made of the highest-quality pet-friendly material. We keep all kinds of furs and breeds in mind while designing these collars and leashes. Dog collars can be adjusted based on the neck size of your pet. You can adjust it according to the growth rate of your furry friend.

Our collars and leashes come in matching and exclusive designs. The colors are chosen to give you extra safety for recognition. You can also find a reflective and glow-in-the-dark dog collar leash set here. The beautiful colors and designs are based on the latest trends dog parents prefer.

Dive into our collection and find the best dog collar leash set for a perfect day outside. Our collars and leashes are highly secure and give you the best maneuvers to control your dog’s movements. Identify the size you want and add these items to your cart. Make your dog look adorable in them.

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dog collar leash setRainbow Collar Walk Kit
  • Seven Magic
  • Iceberg
  • Rainbow
Rainbow Collar Walk Kit
Regular price $100.00 USD $85.00 USD
rainbow dog collarRainbow Dog Collar
  • Rainbow
  • Seven Magic
  • Iceberg
Rainbow Dog Collar
$39.99 USD

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