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Adorable and Fancy Cat Scratcher House for your little Feline Companion

Cat scratchers and posts are vital if you wish to keep the furniture perfect whilst having a cat in your home. Without them, your cat will want to please its instinctive need to trim and sharpen the claws by using your couch, chair, or table. There are various cat scratchers and posts available online for you to select from.

Cat scratcher house

A cardboard cat scratcher house helps reduce stress by offering a private and tightly enclosed for cats. Corrugated scratch pads present in these cat houses promote non-destructive and healthy scratching. Unlike cat trees, they are durable, lightweight, and quite easy to assemble.

Two-story fortress

A fortress with two-story can satisfy the scratching and napping requirements of several cats as it takes up a lot less room. It can accommodate up to 3 cats. It is made up durable cardboard and is designed to fit a corner. Every room in the fortress has two windows and a door with the shape of a cat head. Corrugated scratch pads help to line the interior roofs and floors of the cubes. You can easily assemble the fortress without using additional tools.

Stackable cat cube

The stackable cube has pad walls that please cats, compared to other cardboard cat scratcher house. The interior and exterior, roof perch and floor, are made using corrugated recycled paperboard. It is covered from top to bottom and has a lifetime grantee. It has 6 pieces that come together with easy-to-assemble 3M strips. It supports cats up to 30 pounds.


Whilst standard cardboard boxes help reduce stress by providing quiet tightly sheltered spaces for napping and hiding, a cardboard cat scratcher house has even more to offer. Besides privacy, these cat houses help satisfy the innate desire of your cat to condition and stretch the claws.

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