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Why Does Your Cat Need a Personal Cat Scratcher House?

If you’re a cat parent, then you know that your pet’s claws can quickly become weapons of mass destruction. It’s necessary to give them a proper scratcher so that they don’t end up ruining your walls and furniture with their sharp nails. And if you want to treat your pet to something even more distinct, get a cat scratcher house instead! 

A cat scratcher house is a scratching pad, bed, and box all in one so your beloved pet can scratch, sleep, and play with it. As you know, cats love sleeping in warm boxes that help them retain their body heat. A cat scratcher house is a confined space that will make them feel comforted while serving as a scratching pad when they want to stretch after a nap. 

Why do cats scratch in the first place? It’s not because they hate you or your furniture. Scratching is a perfectly normal instinctive behavior. Think of it as the way your furry friend expresses emotions, marking objects with their scent or stretching their paws. 

And, as any responsible cat parent would do, you need to provide them with a safe and non-destructive way to scratch. So instead of sacrificing your leather couch, make sure they have a dedicated cat scratcher house

Better health 

A scratcher will help them keep your cat’s claws healthy, removing dead layers and minimizing the risk of injuries later on. In addition, scratching is a good way for your cats to exercise, helping them stretch their bodies and relieve stress. It allows them to release any frustration, anxiety, and excitement.

Peace and quiet

Do you have multiple cats at home? Buy each of them their cat scratcher house so they can enjoy their own territory, feeling safe and snug.

Scratcher houses come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to match them to your décor. 

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