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Make your Kitty Purr with happiness with Stylish and Modern Cat Scratchers

Being a cat owner, you would never want your pet to rip up the aesthetic furniture or destroy the banister. If you do not have a modern cat scratcher, your cat might direct their behavior onto the furniture often. You need to buy a scratching post that is time-tested and sturdy even for a large cat to use it.

Scratching is a natural habit for any cat. They scratch not just to keep the claws sharp but to indicate their territory and to leave their scent for intruders. When the cat scratches it becomes cat yoga since it helps them flex and stretch its toes and feet.

Types of cat scratchers

Scratchers can be horizontal or vertical and they often come in numerous sizes, shapes, and materials. Carpet, cardboard, wood, and sisal are some of the most famous scratching materials. Carpet and cardboard are inexpensive compared to wood and sisal and their prices can differ depending on the material quality. The most typical shape includes small horizontal slabs, vertical scratchers that have a long post fixed to a square base, and fairly elevated slabs known as loungers. Some modern cat scratcher includes interactive elements like crinkle balls and attached feathers while others have poles of varying materials and heights. A good scratcher can cost you nearly up to $80, although you can even find cheap ones for just $8 too.


Before purchasing a modern cat scratcher, you must observe the cat’s behavior. If the cat happens to scratch the barstool’s wooden legs or the sofa cushion fabric, you must consider buying a scratcher with similar materials. Your cat might prefer a scratching post due to the height and the texture. Don’t be anxious to try out various shapes and styles or to install duplicates of your cat’s favorite scratcher in various rooms. 

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