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Modern Cardboard Cat Scratcher And House

Life with cats is amazing. They find their coziest corners in the most difficult locations inside the house. They also like scratching things as a part of their health routine. Scratching and gnawing hard surfaces make them feel relaxed and calm. This is one of the main issues cat parents often struggle to find a solution. Tinklylife is here to solve this problem for you. It is now easy to cohabitate with such habits when you get the best cat scratcher house from our collection.

Top features of cat scratcher house

Our collection of cat scratcher houses and cardboard cat scratchers has these prominent features that your cat will surely like.

  • Claw-safe material

If you look carefully at the product specification of our cat scratchers, you will discover that they are made of high-density corrugated paper. This material is exceptionally safe for the claws of cats. They will feel satisfied and calm down when they scratch on this material. It is durable and will offer the best surface to release tension.

This high-density, corrugated cardboard paper has two honeycomb sandwich sides. It can withstand the weight and is ideal for multiple scratching. These items will last longer than any other scratching products. This material is 100% eco-friendly and completely safe for cats.

  • Keep your furniture safe

They will feel like scratching and gnawing the surfaces of a cardboard cat scratcher without being attracted to your furniture and other items. Our modern cat scratcher collection is made of attractive designs and materials to keep the cats hooked. After prolonged research, the ideal scratching material is found to tolerate the constant scratching and gnawing. We use this type of material to distract the cats from destroying their carpets and furniture.

  • Shape of houses

Our modern cat scratcher comes in innovative shapes. It also offers a small house-like space inside, where cats can snuggle in and enjoy. We have witnessed multiple times that cats prefer cardboard over a posh bed. To please your fur baby, we have created something that will serve as a scratcher and a house at the same time.

  • Ideal for multiple cats

The shape and design of a cardboard cat scratcher in our collection are ideal for multiple cats at home. They will love to scratch on the same structure together. It can bear the weight of two more cats and will give the best snuggling space to rest.

All you need is sprinkle catnip on a modern cat scratcher. The rest is easy. Your cat will find their destination. Get the ideal cat scratcher house perfect for your felines and gift them comfort.ย ย ย 

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