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Things to Consider Before Buying Cat Scratchers

Selecting the ideal cat supplies online can be an expensive and frustrating endeavour if you are not sure of how to choose the best supplies. You might end up purchasing various cat posts that are ignored by your cat. Here are certain things that you need to consider before buying cat supplies like cat scratchers:

Horizontal vs. Vertical scratchers

Certain cats like vertical scratching while some others like horizontal scratching. You need to observe the behaviour of your cat. If she is scratching your carpet, then you should probably get her a horizontal scratcher. If she likes to scratch the couch sides, you should opt for a vertical scratching post. If the cat doesn’t show any destructive behaviour as of now, you can try both.

The two major materials that cat scratchers come in are corrugated cardboard and sisal. Cat supplies online manufacturers have stopped utilizing carpet as a major material for cat scratchers.


It is the most cost-effective material for a cat scratching post, especially corrugated ones. Your cat will love them as it is easy to cut up and makes a pleasing noise. They come in varying degrees of thickness, durability, and quality. Some scratchers wear out quickly while others last for years. Their price is a good measure of longevity and quality.


This plant fiber is utilized to make various products like carpets, dartboards, twine, spa products, and cat scratchers. You can see stapled or glued and wrapped sisal rope around a scratcher post mostly in the market. This rope is dense and holds up well. The rope will wear out after heavy usage and shed or become threadbare from the scratcher post. Sisal carpet or woven sisal is a new cat scratcher product that you can opt for.


When you look for cat supplies online, you need to choose tall, non-carpet, and stable cat scratchers. Since you have more rooms in your home, it is recommended that you should get a mixture of scratchers!

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