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Perks of using a cardboard cat scratcher for your cat!

Cats need a special place to stretch, scratch, and flex their muscles to stay healthy and fit. They generally spend most of the time resting and napping indoors. They do not get that amount of space to run wild and jump around that much. This is where the cats need a perfect cardboard cat scratcher to de-stress.

Benefits of a cardboard cat scratcher

It has been found that cats scratch tree barks, branches, and other surfaces naturally to ward off stress. It also helps them to keep their claws sharp and strong. They need to do it to flex their paw and leg muscles properly.

Here is why you will need a cardboard scratcher for your cat:

  • Save your couch, pillows, and other leisure accessories

The cats at home will try to find the best place to scratch and test their claw skills. They need something strong yet vulnerable to their claws to scratch. This is where your couch, upholstery, pillows, and other leisure accessories fit well into the description. To save all these from His Almighty’s claws, you can add a cardboard cat scratcher.

  • Stress release and health

Your cat will get easily bored when locked inside the house for hours. Most of them are moody and will play with you if they wish to. To avoid their boredom, you can add some toys and definitely a cardboard scratcher. They will feel relaxed and occupied. You will also be able to work with peace of mind. This activity will also keep them healthy, both mentally and physically.

  • A place of their own

Cats also like to spend time napping on a cardboard cat scratcher. They find it cozier and comfortable. It means you can still have your couch and bed to rest.


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