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Are you sure your cat is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation?



1. Lack of regular curiosity

It's normal for cats to spend a large part of their day sleeping. However, they should be engaging in activity and play at least a few times a day. If your cat is always napping and only wakes up to eat, it's likely that you're dealing with a bored cat.


2. Over eating

Just like humans, cats tend to over-eat when they are bored and without any entertainment. This can lead to obesity and other dangerous medical conditions. If your start to notice this with your cat, you should consider purchasing some interactive cat toys that encourage physical exercise.


3. Over grooming & other repetitive actions

Cats experiencing boredom will often repeatedly lick themselves, or engage in repetitive actions such as chasing their tail. This can lead to irritation and fur loss, which only makes matters worse.


4. Destructive behavior

If your cat often displays destructive behavior around the house (i.e. scratching furniture, digging out plants, urinating outside of the litter box...) it's highly likely that they are under stimulated, and need to release pent up energy. 


5. Chasing or fighting with other pets.

Running after other cats or dogs in the household is another indication that your cat is bored and needs some additional play time. 

They should be able to regularly engage their natural hunting instincts, and spend at least 30 minutes a day getting physical exercise. Unfortunately, most cat owners don't have the time to consistently do this, and cats are the ones to suffer from it.

It doesn't have to been this way. We want to create better cat toys that significantly reduce the amount of boredom experienced by cats, while also making life easier for cat owners with the use of hands-free cat wand.

Cat-teasing is no longer a tough job for you. You can wear it on the ankle, tie it to the cat tree, cat bed, even sit on the couch watching TV while teasing cats with this cat toy wand, make a good interactive fun exercise.

We're committed to creating cat toys that cats genuinely love to play with, while also making life easier for cat owners.

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