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One stop solution for pet accessories for dogs and cats

Life without pets is clueless. The unconditional love you get from your pet is incomparable. They think of you as a part of their clan, protect you, and feel safer with you. Why not find the best gifts and safety accessories for lovely pets?

Tinklylife presents the best collection of safety accessories and gifts for your lovely pets! We are a pet lifestyle brand found in New York, passionate about making new generation trendy & classy pet products like dog harness, leash, collar, Cat scratcher etc. Our products are made by 100% nontoxic & sustainable elements that are doing great business in worldwide pet supplies market.

Exclusive pet items to purchase

These items are designed and developed by our team to provide the most fascinating gifts and safety items to the pet parents. The parents will love to find these items added to the daily happiness of the pets. Here is what you can on our online portal:

  • Cat scratcher

We have configured a collection of beautiful cat scratchers for feline lovers. These scratchers are designed using 100% Non-Toxic sustainable recycled corrugated cardboard which is more durable than other scratchers and have wonderful characteristics of stable load-bearing which allows it to support many cats to play and scratch together & also you don’t need to cleat it frequently as it prevents to drop paper scraps easily. They will stop scratching on the upholstery, beds, sofas, couches, and other furniture items. Give your cat the best cat scratcher to relax their paws and help them feel enthralled inside the house.

The new Tinklylife Cat Scratcher & House is actually a 3 in 1 multipurpose product that can be used as a cat house, scratcher and also a home décor which is built in different enticing shapes. You must have seen how cats feel cozy inside a carton or a packaging box. Keeping those sweet memories in mind, we have come up with an extraordinary collection of scratchers. The cats will be able to use a cat scratcher as a comfy place to take a nap and scratch it to exercise their paws. It is time to bring in the best cat scratcher for your feline pets and make them happier. 

  • Dog harness

When it’s time walk your dog don’t let your dog walk you & that’s why Tinklylife is introducing the new trendy anti-pulling & anti-choking Tinklylife Dog Harness. Our Harness is designed by effective anti-pulling & choking system with a bold color scheme which is more fashionable and trendier. We fix the pulling pressure of the harness by distribute it evenly to the body which prevent the choking and pulling and ensure a lovely memorable walk with your best buddy.

The furry canines do not know how to behave in a human environment. They need proper training for learning how to stop behaving erratically outdoors. For their safety, use the safest dog harness from our collection which is made with 100% nontoxic high-density polyester webbing for the belt and environment friendly transparent plastic for buckles.

With our knowledge of harness material, we have designed durable harnesses with beautiful patterns. You can walk your dog with style outdoors and train them how to behave outdoors.

  • Dog leash

We have the wide variety of cotton and woven hands-free leashes that is as durable, colorful as stylish. We are using 100% nontoxic & sustainable element to produce the beautiful leashes that is suitable for your pet’s training, running and walking.

  • Dog collar

Tinklylife Dog collar can be the most stylish gear for your pet. We have the wide variety of cotton and woven collars that is as durable, colorful as stylish. We are using 100% nontoxic & sustainable element to produce the beautiful collars that is suitable for your pet’s training, running and walking.

  • Walking kits

The outdoor season is knocking on the door. For safe and hassle-free walks, jogs, playtime, and trips with your pets, find the safest walking kits from our collection. The walk kit is used to control your dog by applying force properly spread across the body. These kits are ideal for all kinds of breeds and sizes. This kit is compatible with any kind of dog harness available in our store.

  • Personalized gifts for pet owners

Surprise your friends, families, lovely neighbors, and colleagues with personalized gifts for pet owners available in our collection. Find the most fascinating personalized gifts for pet owners to make the day special for a pet parent. 

Quality is what we focus on

Your quest for personalized gifts for pet owners and pet accessories ends with us. Scout our collection and find the most suitable items at the best price to make your pets happier. Keep your love safe with a strong dog harness and make them feel elated with special toys and scratchers. Make us a part of your pet’s fascinating world! 


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