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Coolest and Safest dog harness at Tinklylife

If you’ve got a pooch who is a handful and loves to dash after squirrels or the ice cream truck when out for a walk, you need a sturdy dog harness. It helps your dog or puppy stay in control while also letting you enjoy a walk with your fur buddy. At Tinkylife, you will find the coolest dog harness that will keep your dog at its best behaviour and will make it look super chic. 

Why go for a simple dog harness when you can buy a rainbow dog harness for your dog? The Fantastic Easy Walk Rainbow Dog Harness is a stylish, modern and safest dog harness made with anti-pulling technology. It makes for a comfortable walking experience for both the pet and the walker. This coolest dog harness comes in radiant colors that add to the charm of your dog.

When you’re out for a stroll with your buddy, you’re sure to catch a lot of eyeballs with this cool and safest dog harness from Tinkylife. The adjustable chest strap of this dog harness makes it ideal for all kinds of dogs. Before you purchase this coolest dog harness, please measure your pet’s neck and chest girth for a perfect fit. If the harness is loose, your pooch may be tempted to chew through the dog harness simply out of boredom sometimes.

The rainbow dog harness distributes the pressure evenly on the body of your dog, keeping it safe from choking, a danger faced by some dog breeds like Pugs or Bulldogs. The delicate neck of these dogs can suffer an injury if they pull too hard on their collars. Made of high-density polyester webbing, the rainbow dog harness is also a great dog accessory and enhances the pet fashion quotient of your buddy. The buckles of this coolest dog harness are made of eco-friendly plastic and match the color of the webbing. It is the safest dog harness not just for your dog but for your cat, who would love to jazz up its style!

You can also buy the Rainbow dog harness walking kit that comes with the dog harness and a leash in amazing colors for your pet. This leash and the coolest dog harness are made of 100% non toxic and recyclable material. The safest dog harness at Tinkylife is as stylish and modern as it is comfortable and safe for your pet. At Tinkylife you can get this coolest dog harness for a pet of any size.

If you give your pet a little treat, you can buy the Summer Harness Toy Walk Kit that includes a dog harness in rainbow colors, Rainbow Woven Dog leash, Poop carrier Bag and a Tennis Ball Dog Toy.

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easy walk harnessFantastic Rainbow Easy Walk Harness
  • Fantastic Rainbow 
  • Central Park
  • Summer Day
  • Taro Boba
  • Ramune
dog harness leash and collar setRainbow Harness Walk Kit
  • Ramune&Orange
  • Ramune&Sky Blue
  • Summer Day&Sky Blue
  • Summer Day&Sakura Pink
  • Taro Boba&Sakura Pink
  • Taro Boba&Taro Purple
  • Central Park&Cypress Green
  • Central Park&Light Yellow
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Taro Purple
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Orange
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Sakura Pink
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Sky Blue
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Cypress Green
  • Fantastic Rainbow&Light Yellow
Rainbow Harness Walk Kit
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