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Surgical E-Collar

When our animal pals become unwell, it is one of the most painful periods. Worst of all is when they have been hurt or have had surgery. The recuperation time is painful, and one must be cautious to ensure that the wound is not under strain. In the event of surgery, it is critical to keep the stitches dry for a faster recovery; otherwise, infections may develop. The majority of cats and dogs despise being dressed up. When they are operated on, the pain from the sutures and plaster limits their activity levels, and they attempt to remove the postoperative dressing or stitches by licking or biting. To avoid these situations, it is best to have surgical e-collars to save your pet from further medical damage.

Although it is natural for pets to lick their wounds, this can cause significant delays in healing and even infection or harm. When the pet is unattended and could accidentally damage himself, it is critical to use a safety collar. Also called the surgical e-collar, you can tie it around your pet's neck, so it can stop licking its wounds around. At TinklyLife, we have anti-licking e-collars in different sizes and designs. We have a range of online pet supplies made with top-quality materials.

The cones and collars are made of flexible plastic and are easy to place on our beloved pets. Cones and collars for rehabilitation are simple to use, and they prevent the mouth from communicating with the rest of the body, allowing for a faster recovery.

Top Quality Online Pet Supplies

When you look for the best online pet supplies, TinklyLife  offer range of products under one roof. From surgical e-collars to carrier bags and others, you can find the one that makes perfect for your fur pet. Our surgical E-collar made of soft cloth which is foldable back when your dog is eating or drinking. It fits to your dog's usual collar, preventing it from being yanked off, and has a reflective binding to keep you and your pet safe while out at night for walks and restroom breaks. It comes in a variety of sizes, although smaller dogs may find it too weighty.

Buy Top Online Pet Supplies

We at TinklyLife offer range of top quality online pet supplies that would cover your pet needs. You can order the product, and we will ensure it reaches to you in the set timeline.

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Pet  Surgical Waterproof E-CollarPet  Surgical Waterproof E-Collar
    Pet Surgical Waterproof E-Collar
    Regular price $20.00 USD $17.99 USD
    Tinklylife Anti-Licking Bee E-CollarTinklylife Anti-Licking Bee E-Collar
      Tinklylife Anti-Licking Bee E-Collar
      Regular price $20.00 USD $17.99 USD
      Tinklylife Anti-Licking Fruits Shape Surgical E-CollarTinklylife Anti-Licking Fruits Shape Surgical E-Collar
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      • Pineapple
      • Watermelon
      elizabethan collarelizabethan collar cat
      • Blue
      • pink
      • Strawberry
      • Coffee
      • Chocolate
      Tinklylife Anti-licking Doughnut Shape Surgical E-Collar
      Regular price $19.99 USD $13.99 USD
      elizabethan collarelizabethan collar cat
      • Rainbow
      • Yellow
      Tinklylife Anti-licking Surgical E-Collar - Sunflower
      Regular price $19.99 USD $13.99 USD

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