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Pet Jewelry

Luxurious ornaments with gold chain and lovely charms. Complete your romantic look which matches your furry friend. Our pet jewellery is 100% safe to use & can be used for both pet parents & pets together.

You can give your furry friends a glamorous look by making them wear luxurious and comfortable pet jewelry from Tinkylife. These pieces can be worn by pet parents and their pets too. Now, how good is that! If you’re dressed up for the holidays, don’t make your pet feel left out. That holiday postcard will look so jazzed up when your pet is adding a little sparkle to it with its pet jewelry. 

Pet jewelry can be worn both by cats and dogs alike. It is a hundred percent pet safe and doesn’t make your pet uncomfortable at all. It will make them look as stylish as their pet parents and make them show stopper. You can buy the Eyes in the Pearl Gift Set that comes with two pieces that can be worn by you and your pet. This cat necklace will go perfectly well with the beady eyes of your feline friend. Then there’s the Ocean Pearl Set that again comes with two pieces: a pet necklace and a human bracelet. These sets can also be the perfect gift for your friends and family with pets.

If you’re looking for something just a little bit fancy for your cat, then the Burning Fox cat necklace or the Blazing Flower Necklace is the perfect buy. For dog and cat shows, these pieces are perfect to make your pet look like a million bucks. You can go for a Diamond Necklace Gift Set of 3 if you have more than one pet, or you want to match your outfit with that of your pet. The Rare Ruby Necklace is a stunning piece that you just won’t be able to resist. It could easily make your pet dog or cat ready to sashay on the red carpet. These neckpieces will enhance the style of your pets and make them look chic and fashionable. 

When you’re choosing pet jewelry for your pet, you must keep in mind if your pet is comfortable with a collar. If you have a toy breed with delicate necks or they hate a collar then you can pick light and loose pieces like a pearl necklace. Such pieces will also be good for pets that love to roll around in the dirt and bushes. There will be less chance of your pet catching the necklace on something. You can pick the shiny jewelry pieces for special occasions and the subtle ones for regular wear. Whether it's a birthday party or dog show, these pieces are all you need to make your pet turn heads.

The cat necklace and other pet jewelry pieces are versatile and perfect for just about any day and will go well with any of the doggy outfits and cat dresses. 

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Diamond Bone Pet NecklaceDiamond Bone Pet Necklace
    Diamond Bone Pet Necklace
    Regular price $20.00 USD $9.99 USD
    Mr. Handsome Bow Necklace CollarMr. Handsome Bow Necklace Collar
      Mr. Handsome Bow Necklace Collar
      Regular price $20.00 USD
      Princes Pride Diamond NecklacePrinces Pride Diamond Necklace
        Princes Pride Diamond Necklace
        Regular price $20.00 USD
        Burning Fox NecklaceBurning Fox Necklace
          Burning Fox Necklace
          Regular price $20.00 USD
          Blazing Flower NecklaceBlazing Flower Necklace
            Blazing Flower Necklace
            Regular price $20.00 USD $9.99 USD
            Diamond Pearl NecklaceDiamond Pearl Necklace
              Diamond Pearl Necklace
              Regular price $20.00 USD $9.99 USD
              Rare Ruby NecklaceRare Ruby Necklace
                Rare Ruby Necklace
                Regular price $20.00 USD
                Shiny Paw NecklaceShiny Paw Necklace
                  Shiny Paw Necklace
                  Regular price $20.00 USD
                  Royal Choker Shiny Necklace
                    Royal Choker Shiny Necklace
                    Regular price $20.00 USD
                    Eyes in Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2Eyes in Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2
                      Eyes in Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2
                      Regular price $35.00 USD $29.99 USD
                      Golden Diamond Necklace Gift Set of 3Golden Diamond Necklace Gift Set of 3
                        Golden Diamond Necklace Gift Set of 3
                        Regular price $39.99 USD
                        Ocean Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2Ocean Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2
                          Ocean Pearl Necklace Gift Set of 2
                          Regular price $29.99 USD

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